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Thursday, 06 November 2008 06:00

Dear President Elect Obama,
In support of "THE MILLION FAX ON WASHINGTON" a project of Paradigm Research Group:  Mr. President, I hope you are aware of this movement. Millions of Americans have been ignored for over 50 years.  As you said in your speech last night, you are the Voice and the President of Main Street and Middle America.  We look to YOU for explanation.  For over 50 years Unidentified Flying Objects have been seen in our skies, by millions, over our country and around the world, UFOs.  This is no longer just a problem for Farmer Brown in back wood Dogpatch!   With the widespread use of cell phones and video Planet Venus, Weather balloons and swamp gas are no longer an acceptable explanations.  We deserve answers and we deserve the Truth.  "They" say we are not ready and unable to handle the Truth, we say "YES WE CAN!!"  Let history record that YOU are the President that faced this and gave honest answers to the American People.
L. M.
Media Director
New Orleans, LA



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