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Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00

The Honorable Barack Obama
President Elect of the United States
Hello President Elect Obama,
It is a pleasure to be writing to you.
My reason for writing will be one of the more esoteric issues you will be dealing with during your administration. It encompasses the topic of UFO's and the disclosure of the presence of off world or possibly dimensional beings and cultures. It also involves the "hand-in-hand" issue of alternative energy.
Now... if I haven't lost you by now, I would highly encourage you to first educate yourself on this complex issue (if you haven't already). I noticed that Mr. John Podesta has been appointed your White House Transition Team Leader. As you may or may not know, Mr. Podesta is an advocate for disclosure and it is here I would recommend you start. I would hope that Mr. Podesta would see fit to direct you to Dr. Steven Greer for a full briefing on the implications of disclosure to the public. Regardless of how you prepare yourself... should you finally raise the veil of secrecy on this issue... you will be the first president in history to disclose the fact that we are not alone.
Finally, it is well known in the UFO/ET community that the advanced technology found in various crash and retrieval sites, could finally be freed and brought out from the back rooms of various "Black Projects" and merged into society.
Of course, the more you educate yourself on this issue... the more you will see it is definitely NOT the topic that has received the ridicule and "back-burner" attitude that it has.
I sincerely hope that you do in fact receive this message... and the others that follow... and give it the attention that it, the American people and people of the world so dearly deserve.
Thank you for your time...
Kind Regards,
H. B.



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