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Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 04:04

According to Time Magazine former Obama advisor John Podesta is back at the White House as an advisor. According to the Time reporter the return will not be without disagreements between the two men. One of the disagreements will be the subject of UFOs.

Podesta is back at the White House but at Odds with Obama over UFO secrecy according to Time Reporter

This return of the "openness in government" Podesta come only days after President Obama again went to the edge with a joke about UFOs. This time it was a reference to Area 51 where alien bodies and flying saucer back-engineering technologies are supposed to be housed. Obama stated that he was on record as being the first President to mention the words Area 51 in public, which is no major release as the term Area 51 was declassified some months ago.

The statement was made as a joke in preparation for an award being given to actress and UFO advocate Shirley MacLaine, who was trilled at receiving the award and the Obama joke.



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