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Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 11 April 2011 18:34

The long awaited John Alexander book titled “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities” is finally on the book stand.  It is an important book that everyone in the UFO community should read.

The reason that the book is so important is that Alexander dares to look at the question of whether the government, or some “THEY” that has little answerability to the government, has processes in place to investigate the UFO mystery. Alexander has chosen to play in the right ballpark where many more researchers should spend some time.

Most of what ufology has done for the last sixty years involves UFO case investigation. Researchers with varying levels of investigative skills have looked for and then evaluated new UFO sightings. Many UFO WebPages, including my own presidential UFO site, have a daily news link where the latest greatest sightings can be viewed.

Whether working alone or as part of a UFO organization researchers did their investigation and ended up putting the cases in a categories such as “hoax” or “Insufficient information” or “unknown.” They were limited by skill, lack of time, often the unwillingness to share their data, and with little or no funding. When each investigation was over and there was nothing more that could be done the case it was filed and the investigators went on to the next investigation hoping that one would solve the mystery. After sixty years we are left with have filing cabinets full or hoaxes, insufficient evidence, and unknown cases. It is a vicious circle with no end in sight.

After sixty years of research the UFO community seems to have come to the conclusion from the evidence that something very unusual is going on but we really don’t know what it is. UFO researchers really don’t know what to do with the evidence, so more is collected hoping an answer will emerge. The general public and media, on the other hand, do not have the time to review the vast quantities of evidence that have been collected and therefore do not pay the subject much attention other than to listen to some of the more spectacular stories.

UFO investigative research has become like a three day news cycle where a new sighting is revealed, everyone gets excited for a couple days, and then after the “it’s unusual but we don’t know” conclusion is arrived at, everyone goes back to their daily lives, and we wait for the next UFO story to break.

This cycle has made it easy for people to make up stories or dump disinformation into the UFO community because the main focus of ufologists has become finding the latest greatest case that can be talked about online or presented at a conference. Those wishing to drop a bad case into the UFO community can be assured that someone will jump on it.

Alexander, viewed by many in the UFO community as a government insider, concludes in the book that UFOs are real. However, Alexander spells out that in his long search talking to high-level government, intelligence, and aerospace officials who should have known about a government role in the UFO phenomena, he has arrived at two downbeat conclusions. There are people in government, intelligence, and aerospace institutions interested in UFOs, but there is no institutional interest in the same. Therefore there doesn’t appear to be any cover-up by government or by a secret group working running the show. “The government,” concludes Alexander “is telling the truth.” There is no UFO cover-up.

There are a many things that Alexander says in his book that I agree with but there are a few issues where “the other side of the story” must be put forward where I think the book has it wrong or where Alexander has avoided bringing up certain evidence. The areas I would like to discuss are:

  • A clarification of the objectives and purposes behind the Advanced Theoretical Physics Project. (ATP).
  • The chapter in Alexander’s book titled “The Presidential Paradox.” Having worked in this area of ufology for over a decade I believe I have some knowledge that might add to the conclusions that Alexander put forward about the role of the president in the UFO mystery.
  • The position Alexander takes that disinterested government/aerospace industry have not tried to back engineer UFO technology.
  • The position Alexander takes on absence of cover-up of UFOs by some human entity.
  • The missing names and stories. There are a series of people in and around the UFO community who have/had high government clearances, and who John knows. Their names are strangely missing from the book.
  • There is also one key UFO story related to government interest and cover-up that should have been discussed and wasn’t.

Advanced Theoretical Physics Project

Alexander opens the book talking about the Advanced Theoretical Physics Project. This was a group of invited people all possessing TS-SCI clearance who met under strict secrecy restrictions to discuss the UFO phenomena. It was called the Advanced Theoretical Physics Project to avoid being discovered by a UFO researcher filing a Freedom of Information Act request. Alexander’s description of the group’s mission was that it was initiated “to examine issues regarding UFOs, and what role the Department of Defense might be playing.”

The first part of this statement is true, but the second part about the original purpose of the group being a search for who in the government was minding the store on UFOs is not supported by the evidence. This is important because the basic premise of Alexander’s book is that he searched for the people behind the UFO cover-up and found they didn’t exist. This led Alexander to conclude there is no cover-up, “The government is telling the truth.”

The agenda put out by Alexander to the ATP members outlining the original objectives and purposes behind the ATP clearly did not mention a search for who was behind the cover-up. A quote from the typed agenda provided to the attendees stated:

2. Objectives

a. Explore evidence presented/available to determine if further study is warranted.

b. If evidence from 2(a) is sufficient, is there sufficient evidence to support an R&D (Research and Development) program?

c. If evidence from 2(b) is sufficient, what would the thrust be?

d. Develop an action plan (assumes sufficient evidence to proceed).

3. Purposes

a. Exploration of the facts.

b. Determine quality of known evidence.

c. Determine methods to collect more information to fill gaps in information (collection plan)

The only mention of the government comes later in a meeting on direction for the group. A government plan was outlined. The first item listed in the government plan was to “prepare the case”. The second item was to “get authority” to which a series of names and agencies were listed. Names included President Reagan’s Science advisor Dr. George Keyworth, (FAA official John Callahan would years later accuse Keyworth’s Office of Science and Technology Policy of being part of a group that came in and seized UFO information related to the JAL Flight 1628 UFO sighting over Alaska in) and Reagan’s National Security Advisor Admiral John Poindexter. 

Next on the list was “gather data” and “prepare R&D.” The last item on the list was “contact”.

Only at this point is a possible authority mentioned when the question is asked, “Who is the authority?”

As to the authority the following points were listed. They did not seem to question who the authority was but whether the authority would fulfill certain qualifications

1) high enough

2) money

3) mindset.

It appeared from this that the search was not for what role the DoD was playing but would there be a source for funding.

The ATP appeared to be a group hoping to be allowed to play the UFO game with government backing.

The Presidential Paradox

The first thing that stands out about the chapter is that it has no footnotes. This is significant for one key reason. Alexander openly demanded that former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer reveal the name of the USAF General who has told him “every word is true and more” related to the Col. Phil Corso UFO book describing a deeply-held government cover-up. If Alexander expects others to source their material, then his own unsourced material could be viewed with the same suspicion he holds about Hellyer’s claim.

The problem with Alexander’s main argument - that there is no institutional interest or cover-up - is that Alexander appears to have used cafeteria research to make his case. It appears that he has only included the cases that supported his “there is no cover-up argument.” Any stories that opposed the theory appeared to have been left in the display case.

Alexander, for example, puts on his tray the story how NASA chose not do another UFO investigation for Jimmy Carter, and talks about how the USAF Blue Book UFO study set back UFO research, but avoids the testimony of attorney Daniel Sheehan who testified that when working on a study for the Congressional Research Office during the Carter administration that he was granted access to the classified Blue Book files (which should not exist if there is no government cover-up). Sheehan further reported that president-elect Carter was turned down on his request for UFO files by then CIA Director George Bush Sr., as “this was information that existed on a need-to-know basis only. Simple curiosity on the part of the president wasn’t adequate."If Alexander had at least called Sheehan a liar or confused, that would have been fine, but he didn’t even consider Sheehan’s key testimony.

Alexander also picks up the story of Ronald Reagan, his sighting, and how it did not change the way he governed, but leaves out the testimony showing institutional involvement and a cover-up told of by John Callahan, a former FAA division chief. Callahan clearly stated that during his investigation of a major UFO sighting by a 747 Jumbo jet in Alaska with lots of supporting data, that people from the FBI, CIA and Reagan’s OSTP staff where brought in. The data was seized, and one of the CIA officials ended the meeting saying that the meeting never happened.Is Callahan lying? Where are the records that were seized? Why is this important story not evaluated in a book looking at possible government UFO cover-up?

Although Alexander claimed to have searched out many senior government officials his book only details one attempt to talk to someone at the level of the Executive Officer of the President. This occurred when the late ranking democrat Senator Claiborne Pell wrote a letter to ex-president Jimmy Carter trying to arrange for Alexander and Claiborne’s Senate aide Dr. Scott Jones to visit Carter to discuss UFOs. The story Alexander tells is significant but it does not support his basic theory that the president is told the truth and there is no cover-up.

After the letter was sent to Carter, a couple weeks passed without an answer. Jones phoned Carter’s administrative assistant and asked him if he had received the letter. The reply was “Yes” and that “There will be no response.”3

Alexander may be right in concluding that the failure to respond was an attempt not to do anything that would leave a paper trail. The question is why. If, as Alexander maintains, some government people (like Carter) are interested and there is no institutional involvement, why would Carter be afraid to talk about it now that he is out of office? He talked in his recent diary book about remote viewing, and he gave a radio interview on UFOs to a skeptical group which is an action much more on the record than returning a letter.4 

The reason Carter talked on the record to the skeptics about UFOs and not to Alexander and Scott was undoubtedly the fact that the Alexander/Scott interview was not going to be about weather balloons and Venus, but rather what did you do when you were in the White House, and are there classified aspects? 

This is a road Carter would clearly avoid if there was substance to some sort of government role in UFOs. Carter, after all, had already talked about the possible classified aspects of UFOs even before he became president, and knew the rules. He stated, “There may be some aspects of the UFO information with which I am not familiar that might be related to some secret experiments that we are doing that might involve our national security or new weapons systems. I certainly would not release that.”5 

There is some support for Alexander’s argument that many higher officials appear to be ignorant of government research on UFOs if one looks at the written record. There are few if any UFO files in presidential libraries and presidents rarely make any more than a passing reference about UFOs in their speeches. Unfortunately, the lack of records on a subject in the White House does not prove much as evidenced by the recent mention of remote viewing by President Carter in his published diary.

A check of the Carter files for the two dates Carter mentioned being briefed on the remote viewing will find no files on the subject, or any reference that remote viewing was discussed. During a recent complete review of Carter’s presidential files the records showed no references to remote viewing in any of Carter’s papers. Because there are no remote viewing files in the Carter library, does that mean the Carter administration did not deal with or know of remote viewing? Absolutely Not. 

The lack of written UFO records can probably be tracked back to the testimony of General Robert Landry who became the Air Aide to President Truman in 1948 just as the modern flap of UFO sightings was just beginning.

As opposed to Alexander’s theory of non-involvement by high officials such as the president, Landry confirmed in an interview done with the Truman Library that the president requested and received regular briefing on the UFO subject but it was done orally, and there were no written records.

“I was directed to report quarterly to the president after consulting with Central Intelligence people,” said Landry, “as to whether or not any UFO incidents received by them could be considered as having any strategic threatening implications at all.  The report was to be made orally by me unless it was considered by intelligence to be so serious or alarming as to warrant a more detailed report in writing. During the four and one-half years in office there, all reports were made orally.”6

If the testimony of Landry’s grandson where to put on the cafeteria tray General Landry would later tell the grandson in reply to questions on the Roswell crash. “If I told you the truth about what happened back at Roswell, you would never see life the same way again”.This is not quite the blank stares and denials that Alexander claimed were consistent with the Generals he talked to.

There is more evidence that shows UFO actions were no written down. Like Truman - Alexander tried to cover up his ATP UFO investigation with oral meetings. There were to be no written records, and no notes. Well, at least that is how it was supposed to have worked.

If Landry could keep UFOs out of the written record, and if Alexander could set up a Top Secret UFO investigation where there was no paper trail, how can Alexander now claim no one else in the government tried the same trick, and was more successful? 

Alexander would have been successful at covering up his UFO working group if I hadn’t received and showed part of the cover page, showing the name of the group, the dates, and where the meetings were being held, at an Ozark UFO convention lecture a number of years back. If this release hadn’t occurred the story of the Alexander’s UFO working group would have remained a vague black world rumor like MJ-12.

Common sense says that if Alexander and Landry tried it, there is a good chance someone else has tried running a secret record less group looking at the UFO problem.

Despite the fact researchers will find few records in the presidential records of UFO investigation activity by Truman there is a video record of Truman answering a question on flying saucers. Confirming that the White House was actively investigating UFOs Truman said, “Yes we discussed it at every conference that we had with the military. There was always things like that going on - -flying saucers and we’ve had other things if I am not mistaken.” If Alexander theory were to be followed Truman should have said, “Interesting stuff but we weren’t involved.”

The fact that Truman discussed UFOs often with the military, and there is no record of this, shows strongly that there was a cover-up.

It is strange that Alexander was not able to find any evidence contrary to his no cover-up theory because a lot of it has been published for years. Even I had provided a piece of testimony that was completely ignored. I am a Canadian living in the frozen wastelands of Canada. I have no security clearances and no friends in the Pentagon who will point me in the correct direction.Yet I was able to get a question to Vice President Dick Cheney who had often been rumored to be read-in on UFOs. I asked a direct question related to a secret government investigation and Cheney’s knowledge of that effort. “In all your jobs in government have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs,” I asked Cheney. “If so, when was it and what were you told?”

Cheney’s reply indicated strongly that there was a secret institutional interest, and potentially classified work being done related to UFOs. “If I had been briefed on that subject,” replied Cheney, “it would probably be classified and I wouldn’t be talking about it.”9  Following Alexander theory he should have said, “The government shut down Blue Book in 1969, and there has been no government interest since.” He didn’t.

Another fellow Canadian Wilbert Smith, who “was in charge of the Canadian government’s Project Magnet, which was the official (flying) saucer study”10 from 1950 to 1954, was also able to get concrete confirmation “from US officials” that a super secret program was in place in the United States to investigate the modus operandi of the saucers.

In a Top Secret document written in December 1950 to the Deputy Minister at the Department of Transport Smith wrote 1) The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher than even the H-bomb. 2) Flying saucers exist. 3) Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Vannevar Bush. 4) The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.11 Smith also mentioned that he had been told that mental phenomena had a relationship to the saucers – something that now seems more apparent from the reports. Even Alexander considers that consciousness could be part of the UFO mystery - something Smith claimed he had already been told by the Americans 60 years earlier.12 

So how are we Canadians able to get confirming information, when Alexander’s knocking on doors in the Pentagon gets him only blank stares and denials? Moreover why were Cheney’s and Smith’s statements left out of Alexander’s book?

There are many other comments made by presidents and vice presidents that indicate exactly the opposite of Alexander’s thesis that the White House would not be involved. Alexander outlined his belief that “just because certain key individuals express a personal interest in UFOs does not mean that their organization accepts responsibility for UFOs or is involved with studying the phenomena. For organizations in the Executive branch are bound by laws that describe their roles and responsibilities and restrict what they can and cannot fund.”13

The facts, however, are much different than the constitutional theory. Consider, for example, the statement made by Shirley MacLaine in May 1995 on the Larry King Show related to what Jimmy Carter told her about UFOs. “He told me many times that when I first wrote Out On A Limb that he would support me, that it was true, that there were crafts, that he believed there were occupants, why should we be the only people in the universe. He wanted to shine the sunshine laws on intelligence, to expose it, to see how the people would react, but he didn't and wouldn't and couldn't as he explained to me."

In addition, we also now have two independent Hollywood sources that claim they heard Steven Spielberg tell the story that during a private screening of “ET-The Extraterrestrial” in June 1982 that Reagan leaned over to Spielberg and said, “I bet there aren’t six people in this whole room who know how true this whole thing is.” Spielberg, for the record, refuses to discuss private conversations with the president. 

Much more has and will been added to this interaction between government / intelligence community and Hollywood by Robbie Graham “a full-time doctoral candidate at the University of Bristol doing a PhD examining Hollywood’s historical representations of UFOs and potential extraterrestrial life.”14

Dan Quayle spoke of an institutional interest inside the Bush Sr. administration despite the total lack of any written UFO files that have been found in the Bush White House papers. “The alien situation is very interesting because we had the same issue,” said Quayle. “There are people out there who really believe that there are these aliens, and we literally spent some time looking at this but there was nothing conclusive that came of it.”15 

In the same interview Quayle also countered Alexander’s contention that Washington can’t keep a secret when he said, “George Bush know a few things that no one else knows.”

George Bush Sr. also indicated that he was in the UFO information loop. When asked about UFOs in 1988 he gave an answer (recorded on audio) to researcher Charles Huffer exactly opposed to what Alexander’s theory would have predicted, “Yes I know some. I know a fair amount.”16 

His son George Bush when asked about disclosing UFO while on the campaign trail in 2000 motioned to Dick Cheney at his side and said,” This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense and was a great one.”17 

These are hardly the same answers that Alexander stated he was getting from high level officials he was talking to.

Reverse Engineering UFOs

Alexander writes that he had discussed the UFO subject with the head, or the deputy, of all the lettered agencies and had come away concluding that no one was doing any research or back engineering of alien technology. 

The example that Alexander used to support his conclusion centered on the claims made by Col Phil Corso which many in the UFO community have already distanced themselves from. Other claims that have more researcher support include the work done at WPAFB by Dr. Howard C. Cross on the nickel/titanium memory metal known as Nitinol. This memory metal work done shortly after the Roswell crash gives much more support to claims of back-engineering efforts by the Air Force research laboratories. Alexander, however, totally ignores this research.

There are also scores of other stories that back up the fact that the government has tried to duplicate the technology behind the saucers and that in some cases they succeeded.

  • Major Donald Keyhoe wrote an article “I know the Secret of the Saucers” in a 1966 True magazine which stated that between government and private industry that there were between 65 and 70 projects on gravity control.18 Keyhoe, then the head of the UFO group NICAP, had many contacts in the Pentagon. He added “some government agencies have projects so secret that they are not publicly registered and cannot be revealed without permission.”
  • The Canadian Defense Department funded the building of the Avro Aerocar, and the US Defense Department later put in another $7.5 million19 to create a “proof-of-concept” US Army advanced USAF fighter and also for a U.S. Army tactical combat aircraft requirement. Although the test units made public were not successful, the saucer shape of the craft showed clearly that it was built to duplicate the shape of a flying saucer. In related events the Air Intelligence Centre at Wright-Patterson AFB was doing a study on what they called “a potentially advanced weapon system” and flying saucer shapes were being flown in WP wind tunnels. There were also calls to investigate whether or not the Soviet were working on such designs.20
  • The main thrust of Canadian engineer Wilbert Smith’s Project Magnet to exploit Earth's magnetic field a source of propulsion for vehicles. He based his theories on descriptions on flying saucer sighting reports. This was clearly spelled out in Smith’s personal papers and government documents. These propulsion theories were sent “for clearance”  to Dr.Vannevar Bush who as science advisor to President Roosevelt had headed up most of the major WW11 weapon developments, and was much higher than Dr. Edward Teller who Alexander references as one of the men that would have known of any UFO related research by the government.21 At the time of the sending of the research paper to Bush, Smith told his government that “concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Vannevar Bush” on the modus operandi of flying saucers.
  • Between 1967 and 1969 a small group of engineers at Douglas Aircraft attempted to develop conceptual UFO technologies. The team was headed up by Dr. Robert Wood. Dr. Wood was invited by Alexander to his Advanced Theoretical Physics Project, and Woods briefed the Top Secret group on the $500,000 Douglas effort. The Douglas effort to develop these technologies went as far as to work with UFO abductees and contactees in hopes that they had been given some of the UFO technologies. Actual documents from the project were placed on line by me a few years ago.22
  • Another man invited by Alexander to his ATP meeting was Ron Blackburn, a Lt. Colonel at the Air Force Special Weapons lab. Blackburn has been rumored to have filed a number of patents based on UFO technology. In an interview with Jerry Pippen he clearly describes a patent he filed after viewing “a couple hundred UFO films” where he developed a process to stop sonic booms on military planes up to Mach 3 or 4.23 Blackburn stated clearly that he believed the technology he developed is the same one being used by the flying saucers.

All this contrary evidence showing the government and industry were interested in UFO propulsion are missing from the book.

Absence of Cover-up

Alexander concludes in his book that his years of investigation showed no non-government group or cabal that is dealing with the UFO problem. Alexander writes, “The imaginary THEY don’t exist.”24

Alexander contends that “according to the conspiracy theorists, some mysterious THEY, an independent, extragovernmental body, makes determination about which presidents will have access to the knowledge about extraterrestrials, and which will not. Of course who THEY are is never articulated but the conspiracy theorists are absolutely convinced THEY exist.”25 The idea that the president is not read-in because he does not have the proper clearance and is therefore lied to is “utter nonsense and illegal.”26

The “conspiracy theorists” may not have an alphabetical listing of “THEY” or notes from their nefarious meetings, but there are stories that point directly to the fact that there appears to be a secret UFO game and the President of the United States might not dealt in.

Because we cannot prove who is running the cover-up does not mean that there is no cover-up. A review of the published evidence makes the existence of a cover-up a no brainer, and its denial like Gaddafi stating, “There are no protests in the street. My people love me.”

Some of the best examples of a cover-up come from Alexander’s own list of what he considers the best UFO cases.

Alexander writes that at “the top of the list of important cases are the incidents that occurred in late December 1980 at the Royal Air Force Base at Bentwaters in the United Kingdom.”27 It involved respected military people responsible for the protection of nuclear weapons. “The quality of the firsthand witnesses is impeccable,” wrote Alexander and each had “undergone extensive psychological testing prior to being assigned to sensitive positions.”28

Alexander praises the high quality case in his book told by these “impeccable” witnesses, but when the same “impeccable” witnesses testify that a cover-up took place at Bentwaters Alexander ignores that part of their testimony.

Alexander’s “impeccable” Bentwaters witnesses describe the fact that video and pictures were taken both by the military witnesses and by local police, and that this hard evidence was confiscated. Even the notes of Alexander’s UFO ATP group noted that “film made and flown to Germany.” The fact that all this video evidence disappeared and can’t be found strongly indicates that “THEY”, however identified, do exist.

Now in 2011, thirty years after the incident, there is more supporting evidence of a cover-up. The latest release of the United Kingdom UFO documents indicate that all the intelligence files from the time period which might describe what happened at Bentwaters have mysteriously disappeared.29 Like the key missing Roswell UFO crash files found missing during a 1994 GAO investigation it appears a mysterious unknown Air Force dog has again eaten the homework.

Alexander acknowledged in his book that some evidence might still be around in somebody’s top drawer, and maybe that is where the Bentwaters video evidence went. The drawer, however, must be very large as it seems to be holding many other rumored military UFO videos besides the Bentwaters material. There are many thousands of private citizen UFO videos and pictures, but it is hard to think of any military videos and pictures ever released. The prime example of this is the many stories of gun camera video taken by US military fighter jets sent up to chase UFOs and yet not a single example of one being released.

The top “impeccable” witness in the Bentwaters case, James Penniston, is clearly on the record stating that “we had a cover-up going on.” Penniston stated that he had fourteen meeting with Halt and his superior about the Rendlesham incident and two meetings with AFOSI. The second interview with OSI involved Penniston being administered sodium pentothal. Where are the records of all these meetings and interviews if there is no cover-up and the government doesn’t care? 

Penniston said further that he was trained and given a new job that he “wasn’t qualified for” with a Top Secret clearance so he could be monitored by “our squadron commander, Major Zigler, and also by certain elements of the command element.” He stated that Halt has been in contact with him all through the years since the incident “gauging what was going on” asking him who was contacting him about the UFO incident and what questions they were asking.

Penniston believed he was “monitored in many ways” and that Halt was following orders to monitor him and keep him and another security officer John Burroughs apart. He stated that he had been implanted with false memories. Many years after Major General Gordon Williams, the overall Bentwaters base commander at the time, spoke to Penniston and apologized for what had happened and how Penniston was treated “by certain elements at the base” during the event. He told Penniston that he was just “following orders.”30

The second key witness in Alexander’s top Bentwaters case, Col. Halt said, “There is no doubt in mind there is a serious cover-up and it's not only one agency.”31 He added further that the NSA had a “thick file about Bentwaters,” but he was told he did not have a need-to-know.

Maybe I am misreading the evidence, but this sounds like a cover-up.

In two other high quality cases detailed in the Alexander book there are strong indications of some government or cabal type element being involved but Alexander just disregards the evidence. Alexander picks the Cash Landrum UFO case where 23 Chinook helicopters are witnessed all around a craft spewing flames from its underside. To any independent observer this would indicate some military involvement, but to Alexander the helicopters don’t count because everyone claimed they weren’t theirs and the case is therefore just inexplicable.

Alexander picks the March 1997 Phoenix lights case as one showing there is a valid argument for UFOs, but leaves out the testimony of Frances Barwood who interviewed 720 of the witnesses while she was a counselor on the Phoenix City Counsel. Barwood’s testimony is quite clear that she confirmed a federal phone tap on her phone and that a key piece of video evidence disappeared after the witness phoned her and promised to provide her a copy of the evidence. This testimony clearly shows that some government or “THEY” entity was involved. He leaves out the fact that the FBI flew two agents across the country to talk to researcher Peter Davenport about the Phoenix sightings.32

Alexander states in a subchapter of the book that “Everything Leaks in Washington.” The implication is that the government couldn’t keep the UFO secret if it did exist. Alexander maintains “real secrets almost always get released – often before they should.” If such is the case I would like Alexander to show me where in the public literature I could find some of the following UFO secrets that the government has been unable to keep.33

  1. Where are the documents related to the UFO activities of AFOSI Master Sergeant Richard Doty who dealt, while on duty, with many UFO researchers such as Bill Moore, Jamie Shandera, Peter Gersten, Linda Howe, and civilian people involved in the UFO mystery such as Paul Benniwitz?
  2. I would like to see the 55 pages of files, (61 pages in the file with only 6 released) held at a Secret level, that were withheld from Bill Moore’s FBI file when he requested it. Bill Moore was a prominent UFO researcher in the eighties who claimed to have worked with government insiders on UFO issues. If the government has no interest in UFOs these should be releasable, or if secrets can’t be kept should they have been leaked 20 years ago when the request for the files was first made.
  3. I would like to see the Stanton Friedman FBI file which had been “classified in its entirety” and still remains so except for a few pages that researcher Larry Bryant was able to shake loose after an FOIA appeal. The size and classification of the FBI file is also classified.

Finally, and most damaging to Alexander’s argument that there is no “THEY” is evidence from his own ATP. Did Alexander forget the following events that clearly indicate the TS-SCI members of his group (reputable witnesses) supported the theory that there was a cover-up by some unknown element?

  • One of the ATP subjects of discussion was “Major Engineering Project under Admiral Bobby Inman.” I have no record of what they discovered. Inman, the former Director of Naval Intelligence, Director of the National Security Agency and Deputy Director of the CIA, had been recorded in an interview in 1988 as saying the government had "recovered vehicles," that he has been aware of a program to "indoctrinate the public" in UFO matters, and that that the matter was covered by the "national security laws".34
  • During one of the ATP meetings personal stories and anecdotes were shared. Lt. Col Mike Neery spoke of being in possession of UFO photos against a rotating star background. As no one was interested he stored them in his bottom safe drawer. They were missing when he cleaned out prior to being transferred. His boss and secretary had the code to the cabinet.

In reaction to this story Ed Speakman (INSOM) commented. “Are we to conclude that an organization exists which sucks up all this material into a box?”

Another member of Alexander’s group identified as “Robbie” spoke up, “I think you can believe that.”

And finally the most dramatic comment made by Hal McConnell from the NSA who said an “associate knew a man who got out of the Air Force and joined an organization which collected and burned such items.” (This statement is similar to a comment McConnell made to Jacques Vallee about an office at WPAFB that confiscated UFO negatives in order to analyze them secretly.35)

It seems much simpler to use duckology to come up with the most probable hypothesis to work from than cafeteria research which comes up with Gaddafi logic. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has sex with other ducks, it is not a 100% certainty, but it will probably turn out to be a duck. There is a cover-up.

A working hypothesis should be forced to deal with 100% of the evidence. To propose a conclusion with only 50% of the evidence, and leave out 50% of the evidence is not fair to the book reader who will generally not be aware only part of the story is being told. The reader should not be expected to do his/her own research to find “the rest of the story.”

The Missing Names

When I first got my hands on the Alexander’s book, the first thing I did was to go to the index and look for certain key names, and to see what had written about them and their UFO involvement. None of the names I first looked for appeared in the index even though I knew most were known to Alexander and I was sure he must have discussed the UFO situation with them at some point in his long UFO search. The missing names are important because they were high level people with security clearances who had an interest in UFOs and who actions appeared to support the concept of a government interest or cover-up.

James Woolsey and John Petersen:

James Woolsey was Bill Clinton’s first CIA director. John Petersen is a former naval flight officer who went on to positions at National War College, the Institute for National Security Studies, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council staff at the White House.

The relationship between the two is that Woolsey used to sit on the board of Directors of the Arlington Institute in Washington DC run by Petersen.

The Woolsey name is important because of a story told many times by researcher Dr. Steven Greer, who at the time was the head of the Starlight project. Greer’s story is that Woolsey and Clinton had requested but had been denied information on UFOs, based on conversations he had with Woolsey. As Alexander contends that the president is never denied information this interaction is important but missing from Alexander’s book.

Dr. Greer tells of a secret three hour meeting (unlike the Alexander model that top officials in the lettered agencies were never involved) in December 1993 with Woolsey and Petersen. In the meeting Greer gave Woolsey a review of what information he had been able to gather about the UFO situation. “Woolsey,” said Greer, “had an interest in the subject and felt that the subject was valid, that he had not been able to find out any information through channels, even though he was the head of the CIA, NSA, and the NRO, and other civilian agencies.”36

Alexander contends in his book that there is a chain of command and there is no secret cabal running the show. Andrew Cockburn at the New York Times Magazine, however, counters Alexander’s world view that information flows legally through channels and supported Greer’s contention that Woolsey could be lied to on various issues. Cockburn wrote, “Jim underestimated the manipulative quality of the agency bureaucracy, where lying and deception are institutionalized, said a former senior national security official. He was too trusting, and that made him easy prey. He wasn’t ready for people lying to him when he was loyal to them.”37

Now Alexander and others might simply say that Greer is a lying SOB (and many have done just that) and made up the story. This is a possibility, but there are many undisputed parts of the story that are confirm Greer’s version of the story is probably the truth.

In his book Alexander talks about how briefing for the president (POTUS) would probably be done.38 First the person with the briefing material would have to get an influential person close to POTUS to accept the idea of the briefing. Then a pre-briefing would then have to be given to that person (such as chief of staff) who would either reject the briefing or approve it being given to POTUS.

Giving a briefing to the DCI would be similar. One would not just walk in and present the material. There would be a protocol.

In Greer’s case, however, none of this appointment protocol was followed. In a part of the story that has not publically disputed, John Petersen followed Greer around to four lectures and finally talked to Greer at a lecture he was giving in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Following the lecture Petersen approached Greer and stated, “Dr. Greer, I think it is time that we help you.” 

Greer asked who he was, and Petersen said, “Well, I know a few folks in Washington who I think you need to meet with.”

Greer then asked who those people might be and Petersen responded, “Well I’m good friends with the Director of Central Intelligence.”39

The point of this is that Greer did not ask for the meeting. According to a FedEx Petersen sent from Petersen to Greer, Woolsey asked to see Greer.40

If senior government officials such as Woolsey can get UFO information legally through channels and the system works as Alexander claims in his book, why would he need to go “to the street” and drag Greer into a “dinner party” to get UFO information?

This is very similar to the claims made by researchers William LaParl and Derrel Sims that they were contacted indirectly by Hillary Clinton for UFO information. Why did Hillary not go through channels and get the best intelligence information that would have been available through government channels?

Well, if Dan Smith is to be believed Hillary did go to the CIA on UFOs but was blocked by CIA agent Ronald Pandolfi. "Ron's job relative to the Clintons,” wrote Smith, “was to prevent Hillary from trying to find out who Jim Woolsey's  sources were, since they would have had to know the real story in order explain to Jim why George Bush, Sr. should not be given the content of it.”41

Both Woolsey and Hillary went through channels and did not believe they were being told the whole truth. That’s why they went to the street for answers.

Greer’s version of the story is also supported by things that happened after the meeting. During his meeting with Woolsey Greer asked Woolsey to force out the UFO documents at the CIA and thereby disclose the truth. Woolsey’s reply was “Dr. Greer, how can we disclose what we are being denied access to? What would that say to the world?"42

Following the meeting the official record shows Woolsey did put out a directive to review the classified files for UFO material. A 1997 article, which can be found on the CIA website, states clearly, “In late 1993, after being pressured by ufologists for the release of additional CIA information on UFOs, DCI R. James Woolsey ordered another review of all Agency files on UFOs.”43

The CIA had initiated a UFO study. That’s institutional interest.

In his book Alexander ignores the Greer Woolsey encounter, but does refer to this 1997 article written for the CIA by Gerald Haines, an NRO historian. However he fails to point out the fact that it is just an article written on the documents that were found in the CIA search ordered by Woolsey.

So did Alexander talk to Woolsey and ask if he felt (as Greer contends) that he and the president were being denied access? Did he ask Petersen if Greer was contacted to provide information to the DCI?

Ronald Pandolfi

Alexander’s argument is that the president is at the top of the pyramid and “should have access to the best information available so he can make informed decisions about the security of the country. “ The idea that there is a secret group keeping information from the president is, according to Alexander, “utter nonsense and illegal.”44

In order to evaluate the validity of this theory let us take a look at the Clinton White House which we know did ask for a UFO briefing from the CIA in April 1993. They made the request after they received word that philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller was requesting a meeting towards a goal of Bill Clinton declassifying all withheld UFO records. Ron Pandolfi, considered the top scientist in the CIA in 199645, was tasked with preparing and presenting the UFO briefing to Dr. Jack Gibbons, the Science Advisor to President Clinton.

Pandolfi is known to Alexander, and is one of the names that Alexander leaves out of his book. In fact, Alexander invited Pandolfi to participate in the Advanced Physics Theoretical Conference set up by Kit Green and Alexander. The meetings were held starting in May 1985 at the BDM Secure Facility in McLean Virginia and was classified Top Secret/ Restricted Data Signals as Required. Pandolfi, however, left the group after the first meeting according to what he told one researcher in a taped interview.46

The reason Pandolfi was tasked with the UFO briefing for the White House was probably because of his rumored position at the CIA of running the “weird desk” responsible for all the UFO and other paranormal phenomena files (sometimes known as the phenomenology files).

Now Alexander’s position in his book is that nothing is withheld from the president.

So did the Pandolfi and the CIA provide the White House the best UFO information available so Clinton could make informed decisions about the security of the country? The answer is no.

Instead of Pandolfi doing the briefing as requested, he tasked a civilian, Dr. Bruce Maccabee to provide a briefing on UFOs which really doesn’t count as all Maccabee would simply be presenting is publicly available information. It certainly would not be considered the “best information available” promised to the president. The best available evidence would theoretically have been held by Pandolfi ‘s CIA agency which at the time headed up all US intelligence agencies. 

Why did Pandolfi not do the job he was given by the White House? The simple answer is that the CIA could not publically provide UFO information because they were on the record as not been involved in studying or investigating UFOs.

If no government agency was involved as Alexander maintains the briefing would have been easy. “Mr. President, the coordination of all intelligence available to us shows, there is no threat to National Security, and no agency is involved in investigating. Here is a copy of Blue Book which tells the whole story.” Instead Pandolfi provides the President’s science advisor with the best evidence collected by the private UFO community.

In a phone conversation with Scott Jones Pandolfi gave his reason for not doing the White House briefing, “We didn’t have the material here to do it on such short notice (and) didn’t have any reference material in the file records.”47 He then told Jones that he helped Maccabee put the White House briefing together which Maccabee denied.

There is no dispute that Clinton was interested and there is no dispute that the Clinton White House did ask for the information. The official record, recorded by the Rockefeller UFO initiative documents, shows that the White House did not get an “official” briefing, except if someone like Pandolfi or someone else from the CIA secretly went to brief the White House after the presentation of the Maccabee non-briefing.48 

 Moreover, if the president asked for a briefing, as we know his science advisor did, and he is given the best information on the subject as Alexander contends should happen, why did Clinton then task his Deputy Attorney General Webster Hubbell to go out and find out “who killed JFK and two, are there UFOs?'49 He should already have been in possession of the best evidence available.

Common sense would say that Hubbell would not have the necessary clearances or the knowledge of the military and R&D worlds to get at the UFO secret, so why would Clinton call on him when he had already asked the CIA for information?

There can be only one reason. Clinton did not get the information that he requested from the DCI, or he did not believe what he had been told. The request was then made to Hubbell, who was a long time friend of Clinton’s. Hubbell was someone Clinton could trust. Asking for the Kennedy assassination investigation indicated Clinton also did not believe the Warren Commission report which claimed to have solved the murder years earlier. 

 The reason is that Clinton distrusted what he was being told on at least two issues – UFOs and the Kennedy assassination. He did not believe he was getting the truth as Alexander maintains would be happening. (As a point of interest an FOIA was placed with the Clinton Library for all files on the Kennedy assassination and a preliminary search showed 2500 pages of files indicating that Clinton people did have people look into it. The 2500 pages of files have not been released yet.)

Another indication that Clinton did not believe the answers he was being given on UFOs came in a 1995 speech he gave in Belfast Northern Ireland just after he received the report of the USAF Roswell investigation on the Roswell UFO crash. In his speech Clinton said, “If the USAF did recover bodies (at Roswell) they didn’t tell me about it and I want to know.” The reason Clinton brought this up is that the first Roswell report failed to deal with the witness reports of alien bodies at the crash site. 

The USAF was forced to go out and conduct a second Roswell report to explain the witness testimony of alien bodies. In 1997 the USAF produced a second Roswell reports that focused on the alien body reports Clinton was demanding they explain. Their answer to the President was that the reports of 4’ grey aliens were confused with 6’ wooden dummies dressed up in Air Force uniforms that had been dropped by aircraft 5-10 years later.

In 2005 Clinton again spoke out indicating he might not have been told the truth on UFOs. The statement came in answer to a question posed to him following a speech in Hong Kong. Clinton was asked if presidents passed secrets from one administration to another like “where is Jimmy Hoffa?” and “what really happened at Roswell?”

In his reply Clinton confirmed that there was an institutional interest in his administration on the subject of UFOs. He stated that he did investigate Roswell, and had concluded from what he had seen that it was not an ET craft. He further stated that a lot of people in his administration believed there was an alien and a flying saucer at a base in Nevada (Area 51) and he sent someone to Area 51 to check that out as well. This is a further indication that Clinton did not believe what his intelligence people were telling him.

It was in the 2005 Hong Kong Q&A that Clinton made a statement that clearly indicated that he believed there might be a “THEY” running a UFO cover-up.  Speaking on the possibility that he may not have gotten the full story on Roswell, Clinton said, “I’m probably not the first president that’s been kept in the dark or that bureaucrats have tried to wait out.”50 

 In a similar way Clinton confirmed his believe in “THEY” when replying to a question he faced from long time White House reporter Sarah McClendon when she asked him why he didn’t do something about disclosing the UFO secret. Clinton replied, “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it.”51 

The final example that shows the President might not be in control of the UFO subject takes us back to Ron Pandolfi. For whatever reason this top scientist, who is now with the office of the National Intelligence Directorate responsible for collating the intelligence from all US intelligence agencies and providing it to the president, has interacted a lot with the UFO community.

Much of this interaction has involved passing UFO stories to various UFO researchers that are then spread through the UFO community. One of his main contacts for this activity has been Dan Smith, a researcher with a physics background whose father worked as a tax advisor in the Eisenhower administration.

There are many stories that could be related concerning Pandolfi but I will look at the UFO briefing issue as Alexander seems to contend no one inside government is paying attention and therefore there should be no reason for briefing.

Back in 2000 before and as George Bush was on his way to being president there was a lot of rumor on the internet as to a briefing on UFOs being proposed for the president -elect. Two of the key names in all the stories were Pandolfi and Smith. In one of the stories Smith told of James Woolsey being used to brief George Bush, a story Pandolfi would later deny when Smith brought it up when the two were having dinner with Pulitzer Prize nominated author Gus Russo. The story Smith told is that the UFO story is very real but as Pandolfi told him “the various intelligence agencies are in no way bound to cater merely to official curiosity," and that if the CIA Director makes a determination that the president shouldn’t know, then "indeed the president does not have a need-to-know. Period."52

Smith stated, “So I ask(ed) Ron about briefing the next president. And he said that if George W. [Bush] wanted a briefing he could just ask his dad about it. Ok, and what would his dad tell him, Ron? Well, his dad could tell him that he had tasked Jim Woolsey to find out and get back to him. Oh, really! And what was the result, Ron? Well, Jim came back and told the president that he just didn’t need-to-know."

In late 2010 I phoned Dan Smith to get more details on the Bush UFO briefing story and whether or not it had taken place. It appeared that there had been no briefing but Smith added a new wrinkle stating that Pandolfi had told him that if there would be a UFO briefing it would have to occur before Bush became president.

I asked why and was told Pandolfi said that’s the way it would have to be.

Smith told me as well that Pandolfi had told him that he was tracking almost 200 people who had been given a UFO/ET briefing. This is a statement that Smith has repeated on the internet and should have been of great interest for Alexander to check out.54

Then I asked Smith about another related item he had written on his internet blog about Pandolfi, Woolsey, and the discussion of a briefing of Bush. “I did have three questions for CF (Catfish/Pandolfi),” wrote Smith. “With regard to the Woolsey briefing of GHWB, he tells me not to waste my time.  The presidents cannot be players.  You tell them what you have to tell them, and then hope you don't have to put them down.  Democracy and capitalism are not the be all and end all of human existence.“55

As an interesting sideline there is a related story told by Lt. Colonel Ron Blackburn. Ron was one of the people that John Alexander invited to his ATP group. It was Blackburn who  had introduced Alexander to the existence of the Area-51 base, and to Ben Rich, the president of Lockheed Skunkworks.

Although Alexander stated that the Advanced Physics group concluded that UFOs were real but no one appeared to be in charge of studying the phenomena, Blackburn tells a different story. He spoke of an 87 year-old contact who Blackburn claimed was handling the alien bodies while working at Lovelace Clinic in Albuquerque. The amount that Blackburn was able to gain from the man was limited due to the concern the witness had for security even though he was retired and very old, so Blackburn set up one last attempt to get the man to talk.

As he was leaving Blackburn said to the man, “I was hearing that the Congress and President are thinking about granting immunity to all the folks who were involved.” In reply the man gave what Blackburn called a stunning reply, “The president’s edict would not be near enough.”

Kit Green

Another forgotten name in the Alexander book is Kit Green, who according to an audio tape interview with Pandolfi was the man who started the Advanced Physics Theoretical Conference with John Alexander. Kit Green worked for the CIA from 1969 to 1985 as Senior Division Analyst with the Office of Scientific and Weapons Intelligence. While at the CIA he was responsible for the “weird desk” before Pandolfi arrived and took over. Green was rumored to have possessed very high security clearances.

Bill Moore, the UFO researcher that came up with the concept of the Aviary (a group of intelligence and military people who Moore utilized in an attempt to find out the truth about what the government knew about UFOs), described Kit Green as " a person close to the President of the United States, capable of checking on information to determine its reliability."

Green like Pandolfi talked about UFOs and the president, and the fact he may not have a need-to-know. Speaking to reporter Gus Russo Green stated, “I have spoken to three former presidents and the subject always comes up, not as a briefing, but they also want to know the truth. But apparently they aren’t cleared for it.”56

Green also spoke openly about the possibility of a cover-up with Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg who were doing a book and documentary on “the truth of UFOs in America.” Their research involved talking to “intelligence agents, disinformation specialists, and UFO hunters.” In an interview conducted in Detroit, Green outlined the “core story” first developed in 1986. Green said that he “along with Hal Puthoff and computer scientist and ufologist Jacques Vallee, distilled what they knew about the subject into what has become known as the core story.”

“Simply put, the core story, according to Kit,” Pilkington wrote is this: ‘The ETs came here, maybe once, maybe a few times. Either through accident or by design, the US government acquired one of their craft. The only problem was that the physics that powered the craft were so advanced that for decades we humans have struggled to understand it or replicate it.’”57

This statement by Green is a strong indication that there is an institutional interest and there is a group of people tasked to handle the hard evidence. Yet for some reason, Green and his statements have been ignored in the Alexander book.

There are many other names not mentioned in the book such as Brigadier General Arthur Exon who claimed there was a UFO crash and there was a group set up to deal with the subject. Exon stated on the record that he was aware of a group he called the Unholy Thirteen” that was a UFO controlling committee made up primarily of very high-ranking military officers and intelligence people. He mentioned being aware of testing by other personnel involved, and the recovery and shipment of bodies while C/O at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Also not mentioned were comments made by 4-star Army General Wesley Clark who when asked if he had been briefed on UFOs said, “I heard a bit. In fact…There are things going on. But we will have to work out our own mathematics.”

Once again the question is why do Generals say confirming things to UFO researchers and say nothing to Alexander? It is a question that Alexander should have dealt with in his book.

The Killing Joke – A Prime example of a Missing Story

I may be wrong but I think that Alexander has badly twisted the story of Col. Bill Coleman, who Coleman describes as “one of the important players,” making the joke about killing people. In doing so he avoided telling one of the biggest stories that show institutional interest and involvement in the UFO phenomena. This is a story Alexander knows and left out.

In his book Alexander described Coleman’s telling a joke in terms of people who come forward with UFO claims and have no documentation to back it up. “They often hide behind the old adage, ‘I’ll tell you but then I will have to kill you.’” Alexander writes. “Even Bill Coleman employed a version of this saying that led to considerable speculation. He told selected people that, “We will go for a boat ride. I will whisper in your ear and then I will come back.”

The true story, as far as I know it, is that Coleman only told this to one person. That person was Bob Emenegger wrote the book and co-produced the TV documentary titled “UFOs, Past Present and Future.” If Coleman told it to someone else I would love to hear the story.

Bill Coleman, at the time was the Air Force Chief Public Relations Officer. He was also the Pentagon front man on the TV documentary. He was the head of the government unit that reviewed the script and signed the contract with Bob Emenegger and his partner Allen Sandler for the UFO documentary. The two men were asked to produce the UFO documentary but “to hide it” under documentaries on advanced technologies being advanced by the Department of Defense.

Coleman also set up a meeting at the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright-Patterson AFB for Emenegger and Sandler to meet with General George Weinbrenner who was in charge of the unit running the USAF Blue Book investigation.  Various Blue Book directors were made accessible to Emenegger and each cooperated fully.

Art Lundahl, who was in charge of the UFO files at the CIA  before Kit Green took over the job, even provided Emenegger details on a 1959 psychic incident where a Navy intelligence officer channeled an alien named AFFA at the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center. He also wrote up a memo that documented the whole incident.

During the event Lundahl and the other CIA agents (whose names we have) witnessed a flying saucer fly by the window and over the Capitol. Blue Book head Robert Friend was called to Washington by Lundahl and the Navy officer was put back in trance.

Friend was very impressed at what he saw and also provided information on this dramatic story. He actually went on film in the documentary to tell the story of what had occurred. Lundahl refused do go on film telling Emenegger, “You don’t understand. I am still on duty.” This was a story that had been totally unknown before it was released to be used in the documentary by Lundahl and Friend.

Emenegger’s crew was allowed to film at Holloman AFB with no restrictions. The same permission was granted at Wright Patterson AFB. He and Sandler would go to the Pentagon to visit Coleman, and they would walk into the building without signing in. When they had trouble, like being able to film at Holloman, they would contact Navy Major Leo Verona at the Pentagon. He would pick up the phone, make a call, and any roadblock they had would suddenly disappear.

The John D. MacArthur Foundation put up $250,000 production money before withdrawing. MacArthur’s name was not to appear in the credits but they were allowed to keep the money. CIA agent Dick Beske was at all the LA production meetings, although Emenegger did not believe he had influenced anything. There were helping hands all through the production.

Emenegger had been working for Bill Carruthers, television consultant to Nixon, on the Nixon reelection when the offer came to do the UFO project. Another production company had originally been chosen for the job, but they had messed up a project on the Pentagon papers and were in the DoD doghouse.

Bruce Herschensohn, deputy special assistant to President Nixon and a friend of Emenegger, was in contact on a regular basis as the documentary was put together. Another person Emenegger knew in the Nixon administration was Bob Haldeman, Nixon’s Chief of Staff. Always curious about the alien landing at Holloman, Emenegger questioned Haldeman during a chance encounter in Los Angeles. Emenegger asked if he had heard about the alien landing at Holloman AFB.  Rather than the blanket denial Alexander claimed from all his inquiries, Haldeman said “Yah, I think I heard something about it” but would go no farther.

The key element to the story is that Coleman allowed Emenegger official government UFO footage to use in the documentary. The two main films provided were 1) A landing of a UFO at Holloman AFB in 1971, filmed by three separate cameras, where aliens are filmed coming out of a craft and meeting with base officials. 2) A film marked Top Secret of UFOs tracking a launch at Vandenberg AFB which is still in a private film vault.

The killing joke came after the documentary was completed. At the very end of the production Bill Coleman called the film back to the Pentagon telling Emenegger and Sandler they could no longer use it. A man was supplied and he drove the film back across the country from LA to Washington in a car.

Emenegger naturally asked Coleman why the film was being pulled, and Coleman told him that the Watergate scandal had changed things and the time was not right. It would be, according to Emenegger, one of many reasons Coleman would give him in the ensuing years as to why the film had been pulled. Emenegger said Coleman told him another time, “they were using classified lenses on the three cameras doing the filming and they didn’t want the Russians to know.” Another time Coleman told him the reason the film was pulled was that “we didn’t have diplomatic relations with the visitors.” Another time Emenegger was told the story that Coleman would give others asking for an explanation for the Holloman landing – an A-12 had a flameout and had to make an emergency landing at Holloman.

Emenegger continued to ask and Coleman continued to come up with different explanations. Once, according to Emenegger, they were at a hot dog stand in the open area inside the Pentagon and Coleman said Emenegger could play 10 questions looking for a reason to the pulling of the film.

Emenegger said he used up his 10 questions without getting an answer. Emenegger concluded that the Coleman himself probably didn’t know why the film had been pulled.

After continued questioning Coleman came up with the killing joke. He told Bob that if he really wanted to know Coleman could take him out in a boat in the Atlantic (Coleman lives in Florida) and tell him the real reason why they had pulled the Holloman film, but then he would have to kill him. That is the true story of the joke and a version that clearly runs against Alexander’s thesis that there is no cover-up and no institutional interest.

A final important part of the story that completes the Coleman connection is what happened when Emenegger asked Coleman years later, “Why did you help us and cooperate with us when we were making the documentary.” Coleman’s reply was, “When the Secretary of the Air Force tells you to do something you follow orders.” The Secretary of the Air Force at the time the documentary was being made was Robert Seamans Jr. – the same USAF Secretary that shut down Blue Book in 1969. 

If the Secretary of the Air Force is giving orders to supply help for a UFO documentary, providing film, and access to government officials on the UFO subject, that confirms institutional interest in UFOs, and a cover-up by some element controlling the hard evidence.

The pattern clearly appears to be – control the hard evidence – then let people talk. Stories prove nothing.

If that story isn’t enough to show a government active in the UFO field there is another chapter to the story. Later in the early 80s Emenegger and Sandler were contacted again this time by Bob Scott who was then the Pentagon agency head at the Defense Audio Video Agency (DAVA). With Scott was his assistant General Glen E. Miller who had been Reagan’s first agent in Hollywood. Both Scott and Miller were Reagan appointees. This is another story Alexander knows, and another story that runs completely contrary to his basic theory that the government is not involved.

Scott and Miller met with Emenegger at his house and said “we liked what you did back then (UFOS: Past, Present, and Future - 1975) and we’d like to do something new.” Emenegger immediately asked if Reagan was behind the request but got no reply.

General Miller invited J.A. Hynek to come to Norton and according to Emenegger “to see anything he wanted to about UFOs.”

Everyone met at DAVA, and General Miller gave an order to Paul Shartle, DAVA Security Manager. Miller said “I would like you to get Hynek the UFO films. I want to show him.” The reply was “sorry Sir, you’ll have to give me a written directive to do that.” And Miller said, “God damn I’ll have your ass. You show him.” And Shartle said, “Sorry Sir, I can’t do that.”

The grand finale of the Emenegger government story came in the late eighties when Emenegger was offered an interview with a live alien. It was the same offer that was being made in the same time period to Linda Howe, Whitley Streiber, Bill Moore, Jamie Shandera and others. Emenegger said that the interview never took place and that he thought it might just have been part of the disinformation that he believed was being put out in that time period.

I asked Emenegger who had made the offer of the live alien interview. He said it had been made by Shartle, so I asked “was Shartle reliable or part of the disinformation stories inside the UFO community.” Emenegger replied, “Shartle was reliable.”

Emenegger/Sandler dealt with officials that were in a position to know. The experiences they reported were consistent with officials whose government organizations were institutionally involved with UFOs.


On the presidential front the evidence seems to support one of two scenarios. 1) The president is briefed and in control. Like many other subjects he is sworn to secrecy and doesn’t talk about UFOs. 2) The president “does not have a need-to-know” and “THEY” will only tell him if such a need arrives. 

The idea that various presidents have varying degrees of access best seems to be supported by the overall evidence.

The idea that all presidents know everything and the government, it is telling the truth on UFOs, and the government is not involved in research on UFOs, is not well supported by the evidence.

The idea that there is no cover-up is countered strongly by hundreds of witnesses testifying in relation to crashed UFO recovery stories such as the 1947 Roswell crash (600 witnesses) and Varginha Brazil (up to 50 with detailed and consistent information supporting an ET related crash recovery59). There are many witnesses testifying to the recovery of alien bodies by government militaries. There are reports and documented cases of documents or video evidence disappearing from key UFO cases investigated by government and military organizations. There is an excellent study of government UFO documents done by Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood in their book, “The UFO Cover-up: What the Government Won’t Say” that indicate a cover-up of the UFO facts by government is a reality.

On the cover-up front it appears that there are two camps forming. A group of people who claim they have direct knowledge of a UFO cover-up and the group of people Alexander talked to who said they were not aware of a cover-up or UFO control group. Is it possible that all the people with direct evidence of a cover-up like Wilbert Smith, Shirley MacLaine, Steven Greer, Richard Dolan, General Exon, Edgar Mitchell, General Landry’s grandson, Emenegger, Lt. Col. Ron Blackburn, the hundreds of witnesses at Roswell, and hundreds of others telling similar stories not mentioned here are all lying, and Alexander’s people are all are telling the truth? As the expression goes, “Slim and none, and none just left town.”

What would be the reason that the pro UFO cover-up witnesses to lie in that most are not bound by security oaths? What reason would Alexander’s witnesses have to lie keeping in mind that most have high level security clearances that if lost would end their career? The readers must decide for themselves because someone is lying. I think the answer is rather evident.

Alexander’s situation is a follows. Whether or not there is a cover-up John Alexander does not have a UFO need-to-know. People who have a need-to –know on the UFO subject should not be talking to Alexander. It appears that is what has happened. Either that or Alexander has left out the evidence for a cover-up, and there is a lot of evidence of this in the book.

If there is a cover-up Alexander like the president may be out of the loop as curiosity is not sufficient need. If the security system works like Alexander maintains, people would follow the rules and they would not be leaking classified information to Alexander. Most importantly if someone did violate their security oath and leaked classified information to Alexander he couldn’t put it in his book for fear that Alexander and the person talking would both end up in jail.

On a positive note I believe Alexander is right on with his evaluation of what should be done to get at the truth. Alexander has proposed the following 1) The most senior representatives of the US government officially responsible for determination of classification (the president, DCI, and others) should state there is no classification of material as it relates to UFOs.60

This would save us the cost of more public investigations by government agencies or Congressional studies which will simply come back with “we don’t know and we need more study” or worse yet conclude “this is a total waste of time.” Moreover, If classified information was involved the congressional hearing would not even be public.

We have millions of pieces of evidence (stories, photos, and documents) and spending taxpayer money to gather another million pieces of public information will get us no closer to an answer. The only evidence that would help is the possible classified aspects that a presidential determination could open up.

Those that control the cover-up have made sure to control the hard evidence such as military films, bodies, military and intelligence investigation reports, and hardware. Examples of this are the seizing of the FAA data of the JAL 1628 flight over Alaska, the recovery of gun camera films, or the recovery of films taken during the Rendlesham Forrest incident. That, along with making key documents disappear such as happened with Roswell and Bentwaters, is all that is required.

No one has been prevented from speaking as that kind of testimony proves nothing. The prime example of this is the missile silo operators who have talked about UFOs around their missile silos for years. Because they have no hard evidence their testimony becomes just another story in the thousands that are told. It is a three day news story and then it goes away. If the story gets some traction as Bill Moore’s 1980 release of his book The Roswell Incident did, you simply mix some chaff into the wheat with disinformation stories, and the researchers will eventually give up on it due to all the confusion disinformation caused.

Another problem with the congressional hearing is that people hope they will come to a conclusion and thereby vindicate the UFO community. However, it takes of guts it takes to evaluate the UFO evidence and come to a conclusion, and the bipartisan congress is the last place to find guts or unanimous decisions.

The presidential determination would also end the scorn associated with UFOs for people who would choose to testify, and help end the scorn associated with studying the subject. 

The present situation is that in the UFO community many researchers dare not openly conclude anything about the phenomena. Many researchers do not use the word ET and UFO as they believe it would discredit them as respectable researchers. This has caused many researchers to move toward the use of another acronym for UFO and to always conclude “we do not know what the phenomenon is. “

A presidential determination would cost almost nothing. It is the way we should go. The president simply declares that as far as he knows there is no cover-up. He then provides a blanket amnesty to anyone under a secrecy oath who wishes to come forward.

If the president is given all the best information and there is no cover-up as Alexander maintains the president could easily make the determination, and no one will come forward. Alexander would be vindicated.

If as I maintain there is a cover-up and the president knows and is not talking, the president will not grant amnesty. If there is a “THEY” running the cover-up and the president is “not cleared” the president will also not grant an amnesty as “THEY” will find a way to stop him.

Time will tell. Let’s see what the president does. My bet is he will do nothing.

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