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Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 09 August 2009 01:14

Over the past number of decades there has been a low level of participation in the political process by Ufologists. Because of this lack of participation the UFO-ET issue has received very little attention by those who have sought and held public office.

Ufologists have instead relied on looking for a truth Messiah who could get into public office, go after the people behind the cover-up, and bring the truth of the ET presence to the people.

The first of these possible Messiahs was Jimmy Carter who in 1976 promised he would release all the UFO files if he was elected President. He was elected and four years later, Carter was gone, but the cover-up was still intact. It appeared that he had accepted the line that “he didn’t have a need to know and that curiosity on the part of the President was not sufficient need.”

In the elections that followed there have been other promises of disclosure by candidates running for President. George Bush Senior in his 1988 campaign told Charles Huffer that he “knew a lot” and he would tell the people what was going on.

George Bush Jr. made similar disclosure promise to Charles Huffer in campaign visits to Arkansas in 2000 and 2004. He even went as far as to say in a July 2000 encounter that “It would be the first thing that Cheney would do in the White House.”

Despite the bad track record on these campaign promises, UFO researchers again became excited during the 2008 presidential elction campaign when Dennis Kucinich was asked about a UFO sighting he had, and Barack Obama was asked if he believed there was life in outer space. All this occurred on October 30, 2007 during a key nationally televised Democratic Debate in Pennsylvania.

Both candidates danced around the question, knowing full well that the UFO issue can lose you far more votes that it gains you – so the less said the better. This parsing, however, did not dissuade the UFO faithful that the new Messiah might just have arrived.

These ET related questions led to almost every presidential candidate being put on the record on the issue. I and other researchers carefully recorded the answers and used those answers to evaluate who would be the best candidate for the UFO community to support.

There have been two major evaluations done, one by Dr. Steven Greer, who heads up the disclosure project, and who had a role in the 1993-1995 Rockefeller Initiative where Laurance Rockefeller lobbied the Clinton White House to disclose the truth about UFOs with the American people.[1] The second was done by myself based on material collected for the Presidents UFO Website.

Dr. Greer broke down the presidential contenders this way;

Dennis Kucinich – Best candidate who would have forced the disclosure issue.

John Edwards – Second best because his close friend is a disclosure project witness (Danny Sheehan?)

Barack Obama – Not part of a big machine yet. Not indebted to corporate or financial interests. He has not been in the system. He is not naïve but rather fresh. More likely to push disclosure because of his lack of corruption or indebtedness to the big financial and corporate interests who keep this secret.

John McCain – Very courageous. He has called pork barrel spending out. Has taken on some of the defense appropriation bills when there was corruption at Boeing or Lockheed. McCain is rather independent.

Hillary Clinton – Least likely. “They (Bill and Hillary) had a pass at it and didn’t take it.”

My evaluation of the evidence produced a list that is exactly the opposite of the one created by Dr. Greer. Of the three remaining candidates, the evidence collected on the pages of, I think clearly show that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for ending the ET truth embargo and Barack Obama is the least likely to do anything for UFO disclosure.

Below, my rational for recommending support for the Hillary Clinton candidacy. This endorsement comes with a reservation. I have long contended that there is no UFO Messiah. Politicians are motivated, not by issues, but by votes which they need to be elected. The only way UFO disclosure will come is when sufficient pressure is put on the President to force him/her to act. The UFO issue is no different than any other social or political development of the 20th century. The government rarely does anything it is not forced to do. As the UFO community is unlikely to pressure the new President, Hillary will probably do nothing either if she gets in.

My list is as follows;

First related to the two candidates mentioned by Dr. Greer who are now out of the race.

Dennis Kucinich

When the 2008 campaign began Kucinich sounded like the candidate who had the characteristics of a UFO Messiah. After all in 2001 he pleased the UFO community by introducing into the U.S. Congress land-mark legislation to ban space-based weapons. However, under pressure after being asked about his UFO sighting in the nationally televised Democratic debate in October 2007, Kucinich ran for the hills on the UFO issue. He backed off his close encounter sighting, insisting it was only “unidentified.” Other witnesses involved in the sighting told stories that Kucinich was very moved by the event and got everyone to make notes and drawings of the object. The object came within 200 yards of Kucinich. Even his close friend Shirley MacLaine who outed Kucinich on the sighting countered Kucinich’s downplaying of the story. “David said it was unidentified,” she told one reporter. ‘But it was identified.”

Elizabeth, Dennis Kucinich’s wife, came out after the debate and claimed the question had been asked to embarrass Dennis and that the issue was a waste of time. Michael Phillips, who reported the details of the UFO sighting for the Wall Street Journal, told me Kucinich would not talk to him. Dennis has never produced the notes and drawing made the day of the sighting. A close view of Kucinich under pressure on the issue shows he would be very unlikely to take on the powerful group controlling the UFO secret.

John Edwards

Has never raised the issue or talked about it as far as I know. One of his top advisors in the 2008 election was Danny Sheehan who worked on two secret UFO/ET studies for President Carter in 1977. Sheehan however said he would not raise the issue with Edwards until after Super Tuesday in February 2008. Edwards did not do well on Super Tuesday and withdrew from the race. Therefore, it is doubtful Sheehan ever raced the issue with Edwards.

Now, the three remaining candidates.

Hillary Clinton

As Dr. Steven Greer stated Hillary was part of the Clinton administration that had “a pass at it and didn’t take it.” The evidence, however, shows that the Clinton’s did take action on many occasions. In evaluating these efforts it must be remembered because of the nature of the issue everything that was done was done behind the scenes. Further, in evaluating the success of what the Clintons achieved, it must be remembered that the government only has two speeds – slow and really slow. In this light the Clinton administration made great efforts to shake the ET secret loose.

Consider, for example, the story told by Webster Hubbell in his 1997 book “People in High Places” that Bill had given him the assignment to investigate the reality of UFOs from his position as Deputy in the Justice Department. Even though Hubbell could come up with nothing concrete, Bill did go out on a limb to conduct a new UFO investigation in face of the official government position that there is nothing to UFOs. Clinton did act.

Secondly, the Clinton administration acted by green lighting a new investigation into the Roswell crash. The investigation was conducted by the Air Force with an input from Clinton’s Science Advisor’s office. When the Air Force came back with a whitewash report stating nothing about the 1947 crash was extraterrestrial, Bill Clinton acted again. After receiving the final report in November 1995, he stood up in a speech in Belfast Northern Ireland and challenged the conclusion. Speaking of the Roswell crash he stated, “If the Air Force did recover bodies, they didn’t tell me, and I’d like to know.” This forced the Air Force to do a second investigation of the Roswell crash which was released in 1997. That report whitewashed the alien bodies reports that Clinton was referring to by stating the reports of bodies came from tests the Air Force had done years after the crash where they dropped dummies from planes.

Thirdly, under the Clinton administration, the CIA conducted a new investigation into 50 years of UFO CIA sightings reports. Although there isn’t yet any paperwork linking Clinton to this new study that was published in 1997, there is no way the study would have been conducted without the knowledge and support of President Clinton.

Fourthly, the Clinton administration was involved in the Rockefeller Initiative. Philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller approached the Clinton White House to get the President to disclose the truth behind UFOs and was not turned away. There are hundreds of pages released by the Clinton White House OSTP office that detailed the interaction between Rockefeller and Dr. John Gibbons, President Clinton’s Science Advisor.

Fifthly, there are many stories in Washington that the Clintons were asking government officials about UFOs trying to find out who controlled the secret. This may have been misdirected action by the Clintons, but it was action towards getting the answer.

Sixthly, in a story that actually came from Dr. Greer himself, illustrates another move by the Clinton administration to get hard evidence on UFOs. “An astronaut,” said Greer, “had during his career been in possession of a very specific piece of incontrovertible piece of evidence related to UFOs. It is something that if disclosed would clear and definitive. This astronaut described how he had approached and worked directly with President Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William Cohen to look into and retrieve from classified projects this specific piece of evidence - of that which he had all the specific details. . .the words used by this astronaut to me were ‘there was an inordinate large amount of money and personal time by the Secretary of Defense William Cohen was spent to locate this evidence, and he was never given access to it.’" This again showed clear evidence that there was action inside the Clinton administration towards UFO disclosure.

Seventhly, there are a number of researchers who report that when the Clinton’s couldn’t get the UFO answer from inside the government, they started to approach researcher to get answers through intermediaries. I know this to be true because I was indirectly involved in one of the cases.

Clinton2112textEighthly, Bill Clinton has never avoided the UFO issue when asked about it in public. Ufologists however, have rarely asked him. In the few cases when he was asked he openly talked about his attempts to get answers on Roswell and Area 51. In 2005, he even spoke of UFO investigations his administration had conducted in reply to a question that had nothing to do with UFOs. In that speech he openly admitted, “I am probably not the first President they kept in the dark…”

He also didn’t avoid telling reporters what was going on. In a story told by Dr. Greer Clinton responded to a question by White House reporter Sarah McClendon about why he didn’t do something about UFO disclosure. Clinton replied, “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it.”

When asked by the Big D and Bubba radio show when will we ever know the truth about UFOs, Bill Clinton openly admitted he had requested and read the files on the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. "When we celebrated the anniversary of that event out in New Mexico," Clinton said, "I actually got all the government documents and read them and I'm convinced there wasn't a UFO there. On the other hand, you shouldn't give up hope..."

This lack of control agrees with the contention that a small group outside the government does control the UFO secret. According to Dr. Greer 70% of that group how favors disclosure but that the other 30% is still in control. If the 70% inside the control group can’t get anything done, Clinton accurately described how little he was able to do for disclosure.

Like Bill, Hillary also did not avoid the UFO question in the one time she has been asked about it. In a conversation with Rob Simone, radio host and researcher, in late January 2008 Hillary openly answered questions about the Rockefeller Initiative. She confirmed that Rockefeller had raised the UFO issue and that she passed information she had been given to the President. Documents released by the Clinton’s Science Advisor office show clearly that Hillary even helped Laurance Rockefeller to edit a letter on UFO – ET disclosure to the President.

Ninthly, FOIA requests that were made on Clinton administration files shows that there are literally thousands of pages of UFO files. This is clear evidence of an administration that was active but unsuccessful on the UFO front. Also, during the two terms the Clintons were in the White House, they mentioned UFOs, Mars, and aliens on numerous occasions. Considering the fact that presidential speeches are carefully written, means this was no accident. It was intentional.

Tenthly, the documents related to the Rockefeller Initiative show that the Clintons tried to get UFO documents released as part of President Clinton’s 1995 Executive Order 12958, which sought a proper balance of "openness in government" vs. "unthinking secrecy." The EO set out that all government documents would be declassified after 25 years except in exception circumstances.

This EO allowed 800,000,000 pages of former classified documents to finally see the light of day, far ahead of any administration in history. The newly disclosed documents included the admission that the US government had funded high-classified research into the paranormal subject of remote viewing.

Unfortunately, the UFO documents every researcher has been searching for escaped the mass declassification program initiated by President Clinton. This is because the programs and any documents associated with it are probably no longer part of the “elected government.”


McCain is an unknown. He is a Republican which has always been seen as a positive when it comes to being told the UFO secret by the control group. However, McCain is seen as a moderate conservative and is hated by the conservative wing of the party. There is therefore doubt that the military industrial complex people who are part of the cabal would trust McCain with the secret.

McCain did try and get answers related to the Pheonix light sightings in 1997. He wrote letters to the Air Force and did ask each branch of the military what they had on the sighting. However, it didn’t appear that he tried all that hard, and no one told him anything, at which point he gave up.

He did state that he was constantly looking for UFOs when he was a Navy pilot which is a plus. He has spoken of government transparency but still wants files from the Vietnam War to stay classified. This leads to the question of whether or not he would force disclosure if he came across the secret or would just go along with it as part of the war on terror.


Does have the best language promising government transparency, however, so did Clinton and Carter before they arrived in the White House. Once the new President finds out it is now his CIA, his war in Iraq, and his military the speeches promising complete openness usually end.

Certain things that have happened on the campaign trail show that Obama is not quite as honest as the media and his campaign ads portray him. He did not allow Jeremiah Wright a public role in his campaign because his sermons could be a little rough, and then denied he knew of a problem with Wright. His campaign claimed the reason he did not go to the 40th anniversary of the King assassination in Memphis, is that he wanted to stay above the race issue. The real reason he did not go is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were there and as articles report,[2] they do not get along.

The main problem with Obama is that he has no interest in outer space or UFOs, and taking on the cabal requires someone who believes and is determined. Examples are a) when faced with a question from the Washington Post about lifting the secrecy surrounding the UFO-ET subject, Obama’s campaign spokesman replied that Obama was much more interested in “lifting the government-imposed truth embargo on issues like the war in Iraq." b) when asked if he believed in life in outer space during a Democratic debate Obama avoided the question by saying he believed there was life on earth that needed to be taken care of c) Obama has clearly stated he believes there are better ways to explore space rather than sending astronauts there, and his platform clearly states his education budget will be funded by money taken from the NASA budget.

This apparent attack on NASA is not a good sign for Ufologists. It sounds like people who felt in the 1970s that putting a man on the moon was a waste of time and the money could have been better spent feeding the poor.

Dr. Greer favors Barack Obama because Barack is fresh and new to Washington – a Washington outsider. Obama has claimed the same Washington outsider status. This has many drawbacks. First, it is not true. MSNBC reported in December 2007 that Obama had 248 people from the Clinton administration working on his campaign. As the number will be much higher now, Obama will go to Washington with most of the same people that have been there for years. Almost 50 of Clinton top officials are now working for Obama – not quite the “new Washington” Obama is promising. Secondly, running as a Washington outsider (as Clinton and Carter found out) is not the best situation for UFO disclosure, because if you run against the Washington insiders who have the power, money, and influence, do not be surprised if when you arrive in Washington that the Washington insiders do not help you and in fact use their money, influence and power to slow you down. The Washington insiders, who control the UFO secret, would hardly be likely to give anything to someone who has declared himself as their mortal enemy. Lastly, the UFO secret is well hidden. Obama if he were interested in the UFO issue (which he is not) would spend his two terms looking and then never find the control group. As shown above Clinton was seriously interested in UFOs and he was unable to shake anything loose.

Keep in mind the fact that none of the remaining three candidates is likely to do anything about the ET embargo without extreme pressure from the public. has therefore concluded after extensive investigation of the candidates that Hillary Clinton is the best candidiate on the UFO issue. She is the most sympathetic to the idea that the UFO secret should be made public. She was part of an effort in the Clinton White House to disclose the UFO secret. Most importantly, Hillary Clinton has the most past involvement in the issue to force her to act if her past UFO role ever became openly public in the media.

Hillary is also the toughest of the three candidates. She has been attacked by the media for years and is as tough as a twenty-five cent steak. She therefore would be the most fearless individual to find and take on the secret UFO cabal, to swim upstream on a controversial issue such as UFOs, or to fire people until she got to the bottom of the cover-up.

Hillary is also someone who refuses to give up. She even refers to herself as Rocky Balboa. McCain and Obama want to portray themselves as nice guys who want to run a clean campaign. Obama cried foul every time Hillary criticized him leading Bill Clinton to remind Obama “If a football player doesn’t want to get tackled or want the risk of an occasional clip he shouldn’t put the pad on.” Republican pollster further stated he believed Obama “has a glass jaw.”

It seems to be a choice between Balboa and Bambi. Clearly, to take on the cabal that has ruled over UFO secrecy for 60 years Rocky Balboa is the person to send in.

Then again, Hillary is a long shot to win, so as in the past we may have live with what we get.



[1] Conversation with Art Bell on Coast to Coast March 30, 2008.




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